I am a Logical positivist who believes that any statement uttered shall be analytical provable or empirically verifiable or else it is rubbish, but I am an Illogical spiritualist who believes that insecurity in life is directly proportional to your success in life, and he alone
I am an Architect/ Structural Engineer currently practicing in Bangalore, India. Prior to my current practice I was working with Advanced Structures Inc. Los Angeles, as an Engineer (1997-2005). I was actively involved in designing and implementing
Complexity and Contradictions in Life, My Philosophical Investigation (April 2007)
Here are some of the Books which have influenced me eventhough I must admit that I have not fully understood t he content of these books.
Our extended living family; which includes my mother, my brother and his family live in one building housing two houses with common areas and access
Educated and Trained both as an Architect and an Engineer with 15 years of combined experience (USA and India) in the analysis, design and implementation of the following type of Building Structures.

My goal is to be a carbon negative individual or at a minimum to be a carbon neutral individual